Should I Trust Doctors Note Templates?

The long working days, loads of work each day; the rat race to win in every situation; the attempt to meet deadlines are the few realties of the today’s competitive world. The everyday run sometimes makes a person weary; and the person really longs for a break. The need for an interval is quite natural. But the office would not let one take a leave without any genuine reason. Of course medical ground will enable one to take a break. Now sickness is a situation when one can easily get a doctor’s advice to take rest with a leave note. But there are certain situations when one desperately needs a doctor’s note to get an unexpected leave.

Just by making your own fake doctor’s note as an excuse you can get out of any work related situations.

Reasons for taking leaves:


  • Job interviews
  • Meeting with ward’s teacher
  • Relaxation after a hectic week
  • Mild illness like headache or cold
  • Outing

Now in the above listed situations one needs a break but the boss wouldn’t grant leave without a concrete ground. In such a situations doctor’s note templates (ie: can rescue the person. It is the ready made templates, which can be customized as per the need. It appears as genuine as the original one.

Following are the particulars to be filled in doctor’s note:

  • Doctor’s name
  • Doctor’s address and phone number
  • Patients name, age and sex
  • Dates of illness
  • Name of the disease

One simply needs to mention the details in the ready-made templates and can take out the printout. The doctor’s note template is available at very nominal price.

Precautions to be taken while filling the templates:

  1. The name, address and phone number of the doctor should be genuine. The boss will never cross check with the doctor but for filing the doctor’s note with original details is required.
  2. The disease should correspond with the duration for which the leave is sought. For instance flu, which is out patient one, can enable one to take one-day leave; but if one is planning to go for vacations one should fill the name of illness, which demands hospitalization.
  3. One needs to act in accordance with the disease to appear more genuine. This will also enable to get extra time to finish the pending work.
  4. One should use the templates sparingly as the overuse might arouse suspicion.
  5. One should be especially careful while mentioning the category of the doctor. For example if female mentions a prostrate doctor or if a male mentions a gynecologist, they are likely to be caught red handed.

If the precautions are taken well, one can easily succeed in getting a leave. The person will also able to draw extra sympathy from the colleague who may offer helping hands to complete the work. No one will be able to make out that it is a fake note and one will get leisure time, which can be utilized to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. The person will be fully ready to meet with the challenges of the everyday challenge again with full zeal and energy.

Make the best fake note from or physician as a reason to go home.

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