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A hospital intern? Be careful what you let him do

A medical hospital intern is one who has completed his medical course full term, but is yet to receive his medical license for practicing full time. Remember, a medical intern is not the same kind of a function that other types of interns will perform. You can only demand the post of a medical intern after you complete your medical graduation and before you apply for the specialized master degree course.

Have you ever wondered what a medical intern does during his duty hours in the hospital?

You will be astonished to know that most of the medical interns spend nearly half their duty hours in front of the computer. While 20% of their time is spent in performing some patient caring service in the absence of the patients. And the rest of the time is spent in catering directly to the patients and their caring services.


Some of the functions taken care of by the hospital interns

Some of the direct patient cares that a medical intern will take up include the interviewing of the patients, examining them and doing the necessary procedures for the admitted patients. They also provide guidance and advice to the family members of the patients and all other similar activities that might involve the patient care in the boundaries of the hospital.

What are the indirect services that the medical interns do?

Since medical interns are still students and have not yet received their practicing medical license, they spend most of their time in studying the cases of the patient histories. It helps them to make charts and notes of the diseases and the progress of the recovery, etc. While most of the thing sound like mere documentation, all of them are necessary for the patients in some aspect or the other. In fact, half the time that these trainees give in front of the computer is for the proper documentation and the filing of all the papers and the case studies that they did during the day.

The undeniable facts about medical internship

No matter how rosy it sounds, being a doctor is not an easy job. The typical internship lasts for a year but if you do not pass your final year test, you might have to repeat the internship once again. Although the good thing about being an intern is that you will have a job that entails you to work full time and also get paid for the same. You would also need to stay put in the hospital on call at all times, and at the times of emergencies.

Remember, unless you complete the internship year satisfactorily, you will not be given the practicing medical license. Thus, it is essential for proper training and also learning the nuances of the medical professional. Also remember that most often people place the doctors just next to God since only the doctors have the capability of saving someone’s life. Make sure you keep up to that impression once you become a doctor. It is only likely when you do your internship training correctly.