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Antibiotics won’t help you if you have a cold

Antibiotics are a gift of science to humans. People have been tormented with lots of different types of diseases. Ever since the antibiotics were innovated in the labs, it has helped in the reduction of the number of deaths caused by various infections in the body.

The role of an antibiotic is to accelerate the healing process and also minimize the infections and the risks associated with it. Antibiotics are also known as the sulfonamides and are considered as one of the best innovations by mankind so far as it has resulted in the reduction and the elimination of several infectious diseases.

Can antibiotics help you if you catch cold?


Antibiotics work best for the bacterial infections caused in the body. However, any cold or cough is mainly caused by virus infections. The main job of the antibiotics is to kill the fungus and the bacteria that cause infections in the body. One of the most prevalent myths doing the rounds all over the world for time immemorial is that antibiotics are good for curing the cold allergies. However, if you take antibiotics when you have a cold, it will do you more harm than good since it will kill the beneficial bacteria in the body and make you feel sicker.

While antibiotics are great for fighting the sinus infection or even a throat or an ear infection, they are never suitable for treating the flu or a cold since these are caused by viruses and not bacteria. The best way to treat cold is to let it complete its course in the natural process while you wait for a better day.

Effects of antibiotics

Antibiotics can have a great impact on the bacterial infection in the body. They can prevent the spreading and multiplication of the bacteria inside the body so that the bacteria are unable to attack and overwhelm the immunity system of the body.

Side effects of antibiotics

Bacteria do not cause antibiotics while treating you against the bacterial infections can also leave your body completely defenseless against all the other kind of diseases that. For instance, the women can become prone to fungal infections like yeast attack. When the body’s immune system is unprotected, it can lead to the spread of the yeast infection in the digestive tract and lead to sickness.

How can that be prevented?

The best way to stop the spread of another kind of infections when you have just had a dose of antibiotic is to eat a balanced and a healthy diet along with the proper medication regularly. Some physicians also recommend their patients to consume probiotic supplements and foods like yogurt that can help in developing and spreading the beneficial bacteria inside the body.

Since antibiotics won’t help you with cold, make sure to take some preventive measures to deal with the cold quickly. For instance, always wash your hands well before eating cover your mouth before sneezing and use disposable tissues when you have a cold.