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Whether to use sick days for a short-term illness?

While most of the people do not have the luxury of taking sick leaves during the office days, there is also no denying the fact that we often fall sick for various reasons in different seasons. While some sicknesses are plain excuses to drop a day from work, there are also such times when a person is genuinely sick and needs a day off from work just to recover from the short-term illness.

One of the major causes of professional delay in the workplace is the absence due to sickness. However, there is no way to realize whether the employee is faking a short-term illness or is really sick. If you are a business owner, you have to take some steps in order to increase the productivity of your company and at the same time reduce the absence due to short term illness.

Steps that one can take to reduce the leaves of the employees

  • As an employer make announces that you will cut the pay for a day in case of excess absence. Make it a point to deduct from the salary check if an employee takes leave without informing the office.
  • You can also announce a policy for sick leave in the company. When you have a decent system in place, your employees will make it a point to stay within the boundaries of the leaves that are allowed for them.

On a bigger perspective, you can also arrange for a medical assessment evaluation for the employees at least once annually. It is a function that is now being grasped by several big and small corporate houses in and around the world. Such an evaluation will also help you in ensuring that all your employees have a good and healthy life and can enhance the productivity of your company.

You too should consider such an assessment test for your business employees and reduce the amount of leaves that your employees take due to short-term illnesses. As a business house, you can also arrange for the short term health insurance policies for your employees that will put up your employees for coverage on all kinds of illnesses both long term and short term.

While insurance is certainly a matter of choice, you can at least speak to the representative of some of the insurance companies. You can learn the details of the policies and the premium cost that must be paid. And since you would not be able to understand the legal and the technicalities of the insurance, it is always recommended that you hire a specialist. They can guide and advice you on the various insurance policies and how to cut down on the sick leave that the employees take from the company. In this process how one can hamper the production value and system of the business.

Taking the above-mentioned measures will certainly help you in cutting down the employee sick leaves and enhance your business production. Some employees cleverly used crafted doc notes to excuse them from being absent. Interested? Go get one for you at This website will teach you everything about doctor’s notes.