Am I registered?

Eighty percent of young people don’t know their state’s voter registration laws. Don’t get turned away on November 6th because of a rule that you weren’t aware of.

You need to register to vote if:

  • You have moved since the last time you voted – even in the same city.
  • You have changed your legal name.
  • You’ve never registered before.
  • You’re 17, but will be 18 before November 6, 2012

If you’re not sure, don’t risk it – register to vote today.

We’re here to make this as easy as possible. In 5 minutes, you can register to vote online. You can even sign up to vote from home this year.┬áThat’s not all – you can even sign up for text notifications about your polling locations and election deadlines.

Walking from your bedroom to your living room to cast a ballot? That’s our kind of voting – simple, efficient, and easy for us to stay on top of.

Got a specific question about voting? Text VOTE to 69866 and we’ll answer your question live.